Property Management

Real estate (even small properties) is big business. It may, in all likelihood, constitute your most significant investment. Choosing a company to manage it is, for that reason, a process that should be evaluated regularly. Your choice should not be lightly made. Remember that the right time to change is when you recognize that a change is in order, regardless of other circumstances.

Experienced firm with smaller account load per manager, which means.

No account juggling:

We promise not to reassign the account from manager to manager, resulting in a knowledgeable communication flow.

We know your property inside and out:

With smaller account loads we devote more time to our Clients than our competition can offer. As we become familiar with your property we will be able to anticipate your needs and take care of them without prompting from you.

Our Real Estate experience guarantees you get the most from your property:

We have the ideas, programs, and solutions that many without our experience are still figuring out as they go. There are a lot of situations and needs that are specific to each property, and with our knowledge we can find the solution.

Save Money:

Our experience is in crafting budgets and implementing solutions to the new problems that crop up. while still meeting the needs of the property and maintaining the pride of ownership that everyone wants to see.

Problems won’t snowball:

Our goal is to save your property money by operating it in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner. We aren’t going to cut corners or stop having things maintained; preventative maintenance is less expensive than repair. Our site inspections ensure problems won’t spiral out of control.

We know who to call:

We have established long standing relationships with many types of local vendors in the Mill Creek and Bothell area. We know who will perform the job correctly the first time, for a fair price.